5 Best Free Lightroom Presets for Portrait Photography

Portrait photography involves the imaging a person or a trickle of people where the predominant element is the face. It enables you to make all types of changes to your photography including saturation, exposure adjustment, and tone curves. You want to demonstrate the individuality and emotional state of the object. The main focus of the picture is the face. The main aim of producing portrait photography is for portrait photos retouching. Other than doing it yourself, there is an entire cottage industry that provides you with presets.

The handwork is already done, and you only need to choose the right one for you. Here is a look at the five best free lightrooms presets for portrait photography.

1. Warm Nature

As its name suggests, this free Lightroom preset for portrait photography helps to give your image more warmth. The Lightroom preset involves increasing the contrast between highlights and shadows hence giving you such an effect.


The general impression and appearance of the image changes after applying this effect. The photo looks calmer and arm. This Lightroom preset can also be used in landscape photography.

2. Old style

You cannot afford to leave out Oldstyle plugin when speaking about the top best free portrait lightroom presets. This preset involves manipulating the foreground of the image retouch. The foreground images are changed to white while the background edges are changed to dark. This way, you will achieve the contrast between foreground and background. You want your photography audience to be more attentive to the foreground objects.

The https://sleeklens.com/free-lightroom-presets/ gives you free lightroom presets starter pack where such adorable effects are at your disposal as you get started with Lightroom. The free pack will keep you covered in all sorts of the image adjustments that you want to make.

3. Black and White

Black and white are effective in changing the whole impression of your photos. With this free Lightroom preset, you will get one of the best effects.

Black and white preset suits best for portrait and weeding image retouching. However, applying it to architectural images also makes them look vintage and elegant.

4. Brighten


Brighten is one of the popular Lightroom preset for most modern photo retouchers. Applying this effect awakens romantic feelings. It involves reducing the contrast and shadow or light settings. The original colors remain unchanged. The brighten plugin enhances the features of the photo and is also effective in fixing some disadvantages the picture.

5. Sun Flares

Sun flares is an amazing Lightroom preset that you should give a trial. It gives a photo the looks of originating from an old film. It will give your photo a soft color that implies great memories from your past.


If you need a good free Lightroom preset for portrait photography, I recommend you download one of the above. Lightroom presets for free photography gives you the ability to adjust the light intensity, change contrast, add glamour effect, smoothen the skin, add unusual image shadows and gladation and remove the greasy lustre. They will give you great progress in your photography.