Best Tapas Restaurants in Washington DC

Spanish cuisine originating from Spain. It may be served when cold, for example, the case of olives and cheese or when hot. Across the world, tapas has become a common snack and on high demand by many of the restaurant visitors. Depending on your taste, tapas can be combined to make a wholesome meal.
In Washington DC, there are a variety of hotels that offer tapas services to their customers. However, if you need the best tapas restaurant in Washington, worry no more. Below is a list of top 5 best tapas restaurants in Washington DC. The selection is unbiased and was not made in favor of any restaurant. For the best tapas dc, consider the following five restaurants;


Place your order today, and Jaleo will have everything fixed for you before you get to the restaurant. There are about 4 of their restaurants in DC a chain that is headed by Jose Andres. They are an award-winning restaurant with highly qualified chefs. Their services are customer friendly with a good menu development to ensure that the quality in all the branches is maintained. You can also access Spanish beer and wines in the restaurant. The restaurant can maintain a traditional Spanish tapas meal. For more information, give them a call through +1 202-628-7949. You can also consider placing your order before getting to the restaurant.


The restaurant is headed by Jose Andres and a team of qualified staff. Apart from Spanish meals, the restaurant serves its customers with a menu rich in food categories from Greek, Turkey, and Lebanon. It has modern seating styles that give you a relaxing and comfortable environment to take your tapas meal. The menu features unique Mediterranean wines that make your tapas bite at Zaytinya more enjoyable. This makes the hotel to be considered as one of the best tapas restaurants in Washington DC. For booking services and more information about the restaurant, call them through +1 202-638-0800.

Patio Boqueria DCBoqueria

For awesome Barcelona style tapas, this is the place to be. The restaurant offers customer friendly services in a lively environment. It is surrounded by a buzzing atmosphere that keeps your mind and body relaxed. The restaurant features open kitchens that are headed by Marc Vidal. They offer small plates services that are inspired by seasonal products. All the staff members are highly qualified to ensure they deliver desirable services to their clients. This makes sure that your time at the restaurant more enjoyable. For more information, contact them through +1 202-552-0392.

Estadio restaurant

For fancy Spanish tapas, Estadio is the ideal place to be. The restaurant is headed by Ruffino Bautista, and it offers meals based on the northern Spanish cuisines. Located in Washington, the restaurant services are customer friendly making the environment around the hotel more relaxing. All the staff members are highly qualified for better services. For more information and placing an order, give them a call through +1 202-319-1404.

Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant

For the best tapas, visit Barcelona wine bar and restaurant in Washington. The restaurant is headed by Adam Greenberg, famous for its small plates, best Mediterranean specialties, and tapas. All the meals are made of fresh products and served under a cold atmosphere in a private dining room. For more information about the hotel, call them through +1 202-588-5500.


In conclusion, there are a variety of restaurants offering tapas services in Washington Dc. However, not all of these services are the best. Selecting one of the above discussed top 5 tapas restaurants in Washington Dc will give you the satisfaction you seek.