How Do You Add Graphics To Instagram Stories?

Individuals are putting Instagram stories to maximum use. Most folks post videos and pictures to reach out to followers across the globe. Some folks prefer uploading graphics to the Instagram stories. You may use your mobile phone or computer to create graphics of high quality.

Below is how you add graphics to Instagram stories.

a) Get an Efficient Application for Creating Graphics


Several apps to help you create graphics of super high quality are available online for downloading. One of the best apps for creating great graphics is Adobe Spark. This application can be used on the mobile phone or the computer.

b) Create the Graphic Content of your Choosing

The great advantage of having your account is that you get to choose the content to upload. Using the Adobe Spark application, you can effectively add graphic content to your photos or videos.

The app gives you several templates from which you can choose one suiting your needs.

c) Save the Graphic Content to your Device

Take your time to create the highest quality possible. Once you get the satisfaction that the quality of your graphics is as you desire, tap the share button. Tapping this button gives you the option to save your content to your device’s camera roll.

d) Choose your Graphic content Straight from the Application


Open the Instagram application to post your content directly. Open your camera roll on the application. This will take you to the available photos, videos, and, graphic content available on your device’s gallery. Scroll down to the location of the graphic content that you created.

e) Make any Additional Editing on the content

Instagram is one of the few available websites with very high-quality editing features for your graphic content, photos, and videos. this website gives you an option of including any additional filters and effects in the final steps of uploading your media file.

f) Upload your Graphics

Make the final confirmation on the quality of the content that you created. If the content proves to be of the desired quality, you are ready to upload the content.

Tap on Your Story in the bottom left corner to immediately upload your graphic content. Your story will disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Creating graphics of high-quality graphics for your Instagram stories is a simple task. You do not need any professional intervention. Simple practice using the right tools will attract more followers to your account.