Is It Possible To Tow A Car In Phoenix

Are you planning to travel to Phoenix with your wife and kids? Well, if moving to the sunny state, then you should familiarize yourself with the state laws. Arizona is beautiful, with many scenic landmarks that you’ll encounter during your road trip.

But the moment can turn worse if you get on the wrong side of the law that will result in the towing of your car.

Arizona, like most states, have many rules you should follow. towing in phoenix is popular, like many states that have several towing rules for offenders. Therefore, you should know the laws of the state to avoid being fined or having your vehicle towed for the violations you could have evaded.

For Arizona, the three actions below could result in you’re the towing of your vehicle:

1. Collision


The most prevalent cause of car towing is collisions. When your vehicle gets in an accident, then you have to contact a tow truck to remove the wreckage. Never gauge the seriousness of the collision yourself but instead, call a tow company to ascertain the extent of damage and confirm whether you should continue driving. The best thing to do here is to keep a safe driving distance and operate at low speeds to avoid collisions.

2. Engine Overheating

There are many ways in which your engine can overheat. For instance, if your fan belts get damaged or your water pump leaks, then your engine will heat up and shut down.

If your car engine overheats, then the mechanic can fix the issue, but if it happens in the streets, then a tow truck is your only option.

3. Out of Gas

Running out of gas is every driver’s nightmare. Whether it is on a heavy jam road or far away from petrol stations, it’s bound to happen at times due to our human nature of forgetting important things. When that happens, you might need some help for fuel delivery, but when support is not available, then towing becomes the safest option.


Arizona, like most states, has its laws regarding towing. For drivers in the Phoenix area of Arizona, ensure you are familiar with these laws to protect your vehicles from towing.