Popular Festivals In Washington

Festivals are a great way to make for the long time that people have been to work. They play a very significant role in preserving and observing the culture. Without these festivals, the culture may be forgotten, and it is not a positive thing to do away with culture since they dictate what we are and where we are from.

The Dragon Boat Festival

The dragon boat festival is usually done late April, and they are done in Olympia Washington. It usually attracts a significant number of visitors each year, approximately 4000 people regularly attend each year.


This kind of festival features the traditional dragon boat race in which the teams present race against each other with their boats resembling the giant dragon. During the event, there is also drum beating, and the festival usually is attractive due to the bits of the drum and the way they race against each other, people celebrating the one they like during the race.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This kind of festival typically takes place the month of April in Skagit Valley Washington. The festival has been into existence since 1983 without fail; they normally celebrate the spring season of flowers from late March the daffodils up to early April where they commemorate the Tulips, and then after that, they wait May to come then they celebrate the lilies and the irises.

This kind of event usually attracts a lot of people since there is 300 acre of land with brightly colored tulips, and after that, they enjoy the festivals at Mount Vernon or place like La Conner.

Seattle International Film Festival

These events usually occur, and it extends all the way to early June in Seattle Washington just as the name suggests. This is one of its kinds, and it is generally attended by the majority of the people in the united state this kind of event has been a great success for the past 40 years, is a 25-day festival people typically come from different places to witness the festival.


The game generally features films, and it is said that 500 films are featured from different countries specifically over 80 states from all over the world. It attracts most prominent people in the industry including the actors, directors and other industry professionals. There is always award for the best new American film, best documentary, best new director and many more of a kind.

Fremont Fair

This festive has been into existence for as long as 40 years infrequently attract a significant number of people. These festivals frequently happen mid-June in Seattle, people from the neighborhood and from far come to witness and enjoy the local music from the local bands that are around.


Also, it is during this festive occasion that the local arts and craft experts show off their talents to the people and what they can do to both the community and the country at large. There usually is plenty of food and drinks to celebrate the delibertas quirkas culture and summer solstice.


It should be noted that these kinds of events have been there for a very long time and thus they must be performed every year as per the demand. They bring people together from different places and therefore the interaction is great. This festival also plays a significant role in commemorating some critical issues in the community.