The Top 5 Movies About Photography Everyone Should Watch

Many people love the idea of watching movies and while others view it as a waste of time, movies are one of the excellent learning materials you can ever find. Are you aspiring to be a photographer? Well, you can learn about photography by watching a movie and besides being inspirations, it can also be fun to watch what you love doing.

There are so many movies that revolve around the photographic world; they unlock the hidden treasure of photography and stunning beauty of photography and as a photographer, you’ll get inspiration to take your career to a higher level.

If you are a photographer and love spending countless hours watching, here is a list of top five movies you should look forward to watching.

1. One hour photo

First on our list of top movies about photography is a mind-blowing thriller famously referred to as one-hour photo. The movie features Robin Williams who is a lonely photo lab technician. We are introduced to a happy family with a young boy that turns out to be his favorite customers.


Robin depicts his obsession with this family as he regularly stalks them, takes photos and develops them. He is proud of what he does and this is probably inspirational to anyone aspiring to be a photographer because you must be happy and proud of what you do in order to succeed.

2. Finding Vivian Maier

Have you ever watched the story of Vivian Maier? If not, you are surely missing a lot. Maier has a fascinating story; she lived as a relative nobody as a nanny and when she passed away, more than 100,000 photos were discovered and her genius was uncovered.

Today, she’s considered one of the best street photographers in history and if she uncovered her talent when she was alive, she could have made great achievements in the photographic world.

This movie depicts that women can still make to be among the best photographers in the world and most importantly, people shouldn’t be afraid of showing their talents to the world.

3. Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film, by Ric Burns

Ansel Adams is an amazing Documentary Film every photographer should watch. In this documentary, you’ll get a chance to see beautiful Yosemite’s black and white images.


Most importantly, you’ll learn what inspired this photographer to dedicate his life to the art and if you’d like to be a photographer but you have no inspiration, this documentary will get you started.

4. Henry Cartier Bresson – The Impassioned Eye, by Heinz Bütler

Henry Cartier Bresson died in 2004 aged 96 years old and was mourned as the father of photojournalism and this documentary explores his life as a photographer.

Henry Cartier Bresson was shy and avoided being photographed and ironically, he produced some of the most defining images you can ever find. If you’re inspiring to become a photographer, watch this documentary as Henry Cartier Bresson shares about how he managed to capture thrilling images and without doubt, you’ll be inspired.

5. Rear Window

Our list of movies that revolve around the photographic world couldn’t be incomplete without mentioning the classic Hitchcock thriller known as Real Window. The movie features James Steward alongside Grace Kelly and it’s a true definition of suspense and the desire we all have to watch the lives of others.


In a summary, the movie revolves around the photographer L. B Jeffries who accidentally breaks his leg. Despite the fact that he’s confined in a wheelchair, his desire to take photographs doesn’t die and spends his time spying on his neighbors with the lens of his camera. His photographer instincts convince him that he has uncovered a murder and he’s set to uncover the truth.

Final thoughts

The photographic world never ceases to amaze and if you admired someone’s art, the secret is that they watch some of the aspiring movies. In other words, best photographers keep on learning and if you want people to admire and appreciate your work, take your time, learn and watch the top five movies we have gathered for you and other photographers will come asking about your secret.