Travel Guide: The Taste of Hong Kong

No matter if you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or just a regular hungry tourist, you’ll love what Hong Kong has to offer food-wise. From world-famous dim sum to some lesser-known delicacies like fishballs and pineapple buns, you’ll definitely get to know the tastes of HK and fill your stomach in the process.  Here are some of the must-have foods. 

Dim sum

This is probably the number one reason why foodies visit Hong Kong. The ancient Chinese tradition of tea drinking includes little bite-sized dishes known as dim sum. For that reason, you can often find best dim sum in teahouses and it’s always served with hot tea. Dim sum can be made with different ingredients ranging from chicken feet to pork and shrimp, so pick something that sounds appetizing to you and enjoy this super fun food experience.

Hong Kong

Char siu 

Cantonese style BBQ pork or char siu is one of the most beloved foods in HK. The pork is marinated in soy and hoisin sauce and honey or sugar for sweetness. Many westerners find this dish a little bit too sweet, but if you find a restaurant that follows a little lighter recipe, you’ll be blown away by the taste. 

Roasted goose 

Very few foods in the world are as tasty and exciting as roasted goose from Hong Kong. The best places prepare this dish by marinating the meat in secret spices and then roasting it until very crispy and golden. When you take your first bite, you’ll get the crunchiness of the skin and juiciness of the meat all in one take! If you want to be really fancy, pair your goose with some good wine. Any bottle of quality Burgundy wine will nicely complement your meal and make it even better! This is something every foodie will remember forever. 

Hong Kong

Fishball noodles

Fishballs are very popular throughout Asia thanks to their light texture and relatively healthy food status. The texture of the fishballs is very smooth and spongy, so many tourists don’t really care for this meal, but after a few bites and a few different restaurants, you’ll grow to really appreciate them and love their unique taste. The best thing about fishballs is the fact that they tend to be very refreshing and light, and when they are prepared with 100% fish and handmade noodles, they are 100% delicious! 

Bubble tea

This popular drink actually originates from Taiwan, but people of Hong Kong adore it. Bubble tea got its name thanks to the ingredients: tea mixed with fruit and small tapioca balls that look like cute little bubbles floating in the tea. The texture of the drink is very fun (the only way to describe it) and tapioca balls have a light caramel flavor. 

Tofu pudding

Westerners usually think tofu is this vegan food that’s completely tasteless. However, when you come to Hong Kong, you’ll see the many different faces of tofu and realize it can be used as an appetizer, full meal and even dessert. Soft tofu pudding known as douhua is very soft, silky and topped with a gorgeous variety of toppings. In Cantonese cooking, most people choose to cover their tofu pudding with sweet syrup or ginger. 

Hong Kong

Pineapple bun

This dessert is a must-try thing for every foodie. Pineapple buns are not only famous due to their cultural heritage, but also due to their unique taste. They are fluffy and crusty, sweet yet not too sweet and served with delicious soft butter in the middle. If you love pastries, you’ll die for pineapple buns. 

Your taste buds will have just as good time as yourself in beautiful Hong Kong. Make sure to leave your dieting plan at home—you’ll definitely succumb to temptations in HK!