Traveling To Serbia In The Balkans

Serbia in the Balkans is a beautiful country that is filled with magic! There is so much to see and do in Serbia. You can spend years here and not see it all. Today, we are going to learn where Serbia is on the map and how to get there. So if you are interested in this amazing place, please check out the information below.

Locating Serbia

To find Serbia on the map, you won’t have to look hard. Serbia in the Balkans is located on the lower right side of Eastern Europe.


It is bordered by eight different countries and is a land locked nation. Some of the nations that surround Serbia include Romania to the east, Croatia to the west, Macedonia to the south, and Hungary to the north. For more information on Serbia, please visit this website.

Getting To Serbia

Most people travel to this great country by flying into Belgrade. Since Belgrade is one of the most modern cities in the country, it has access to many major airlines.

If you are coming from the U.S., you can fly into Belgrade on flights from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. Many major airlines fly into Belgrade including Delta, Air Canada, United America, and Swiss just to name a few.

Belgrade Is The Perfect Base

When traveling to Serbia in the Balkans, a great place to set up base for your trip is Belgrade. This very large city is the capital of Serbia and the biggest city in the country. Here you will find many modern conveniences and you will be able to travel to many parts of the country from here. Belgrade is the heart of the country and a truly beautiful place to visit. From Belgrade you can go to many different countries by rail including Croatia and many Eastern European countries like Germany. This is just one reason why it makes the perfect home base.


As you can see, Serbia is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer! If you have never been here before, you are really missing out. So for your next big adventure, why not plan a trip to the wonderful country of Serbia? You will have the time of your life if you do!