What Muscles Does Rock Climbing Workout?

Rock climbing is one of those versatile and demanding sports mostly done outdoors. You actually need to be resilient enough to take up this demanding task. The general aim of this challenging sport is to taste the agility, endurance, strength, and body’s balance that engages his/her mental control.

As most people say; rock climbing can be a daring sport. Thus, it requires knowledge of climbing techniques and the use of specialized climbing equipment to ensure safety while on the climbing process.

For additional info,read the following muscles health fitness for rock climbing workout

Strengthens and tones muscles


The workout involved during rock climbing engages several different muscles groups including biceps, traps, delts, obliques, Abs, calves, quads, lats, etc. perhaps it also works your forearm muscles through strengthening the climber’s grip. Generally, rock climbing incorporates all the major muscles groups regardless of the workout you take.

Increases body flexibility

This great workout demands much adaptability and flexibility for you to leap and climb by reaching out to the footholds and handholds, which are far from the comfortable distance.

The research even suggests that one should stretch at least twice a week in order to increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, and enhance the range of motion.

Prevent chronic disease

Rock climbing is not only a matter of stretching the body for flexibility. It involves thorough exercises that aid in the prevention of some of the chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the exercise involved in rock climbing is so intense that it helps reduce stress and cardiovascular activity, which in return decreases the risk for several chronic illnesses.

Burn Calories

The lack of exercise in most people is the leading cause of various illnesses like obesity. Rock climbing has been recommended as the most effective workout that burns a lot of the calories. An hour of rock climbing burns up to 818 calories of a 155-pound person.